Autism and the huge failings of the system.

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It’s estimated that around 700,000 in the uk are on the autistic spectrum.
That’s a lot of people.
But autism is still an invisible disability.
It’s misunderstood , it’s often not understood atall.
And there is a vast lack of help and support for people with autism.

It’s a very real disability , as it’s a spectrum disorder it affects people in so many ways , there are so many needs that just aren’t met.
And there can be a number of conditions that go hand in hand with autism. Making an already difficult condition all the more difficult.

I have two sons with autism.
When my 17 year old was 9 it became obvious that there was a problem.
His difficulties mostly manifested at home. So while he was coping at school he was ticking time bomb at home.
He was difficult , aggressive , often violent but because…

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