Hyper-focus as a useful tool

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One of the interesting thing about having an autistic spectrum brain is that when I am not interested in something, I am absolutely not interested, but when my interest is sparked, it gets caught in a hyper-focused state until I have either finished or I realise it is now dark/cold/everyone has gone home….Many adults on the spectrum report forgetting to eat or drink when they are hyper-focused on an activity, not because we are stressed by needing to meet a deadline, but because we are so absorbed in what we are doing that we do it until that focus is broken.
This trait is both very handy and problematic – though not usually at the same time. When studying at university hyper-focus can result in an essay being completed in 5-10 hours (though not for everyone, especially not if the person has additional literacy difficulties). Sometimes the focus has drifted…

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