Be heard project. Speak up!

If your tired of being silenced while NT’s are speaking for at and against those of us with Autism, there is a program that I have in mind. Created soley by those on the Autistic spectrum.  Not a book blog or video the would be easy to ignore. I mean that NT’s  have to go someplace watch and listen to. using diferant types of sensory imput like,  watching a film, hearing a speaker who is on the spectrum or parent of one of the Autistic kids who have been killed. Uncomfortable chairs. And a “quiet hands” simulation where lights temperature noise are increased. And a person prevents Nuerotypicals from covering their ears with their hands. I want NT’s to finally hear from us! We have been kept silent for so ong while others speak for at and aganist us! Be heard! I’m the only one on the spectrum that I know where I live. Any suggestions how this project could be made a reality?


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