Autism on “The doctors.” Why don’t they tell the truth!?

On the tv show “The doctors,” They were talking to the parents of a thirteen year old boy with severe Autism. The family recieved an extremely hateful letter from a nieghbor. It called the boy very hateful names. And even told the parents to “move or euthinize him!”! Can you believe that? Of course the so-called “doctors” did not speak to the teenager or another Spectrumite. They discussed it with somebody from some orgaization. {Autism speaks?} Why were’nt they hearing from someone on the spectrum!?? I’m so SICK OF IT!  And naturally, their only focus was on dangerous drugs that don’t help and only makes things worse. Did you notice they put the attention on the boy-and others with ASD-as the problem and NOT the letter writter! But what did I expect of “physicians?”? It’s time we people with Autism were heard from. I suggest writing a polite letter to the show. Explaining the errors and reqesting a person with Autism be asked on to tell the truth!


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