Mom Accused of Trying to Kill Autistic Daughter

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— Stop Defending Her!

by Jeanne Sager 4 hours ago

The autism parenting community was dealt a tragic blow this month. KelliStapleton, a popular autism blogger and mother, was arrested after police found her unconscious, along with teenage daughter Isabelle Stapleton, in a van near Lake Michigan. Cops say Kelli was trying to kill the 14-year-old and herself in what’s been labeled a murder-suicide attempt.Isabelle, who goes by Issy and who has autism, is recovering from carbon monoxide poisoning in a hospital. She’s off life support and breathing on her own.

Her mother is in a Michigan jail, facing charges of attempted murder after cops allegedly found two portable charcoal grills in the car and the windows of the vehicle rolled up.

The situation is sad … and troubling. Equally troubling are attempts to explain away what Kelli Stapleton is accused of doing last week.


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