You can’t talk to anyone if you don’t speak their language.

My middle name is Joy.

It stinks to be misunderstood. It stinks when you can’t understand someone. On the other hand, when you find someone who GETS you it’s like a long, cool drink of water on a really hot day. If you’ve ever found a person like that, the kind of person who really gets you, who speaks your language and understands you to a T, you’ll love spending time with her. Then there are the other kind of people. Somebody somewhere must love those people, but you’re just not feelin’ it. They say things that end with, “…you know what I mean?” and you smile and say, “Yeah!” while thinking, “Ummm….yeah. No.” Odds are you aren’t making time in your schedule to spend time in this person’s presence.

Being the parent of someone with autism means that you are inundated with the words that describe your child’s deficits. What’s wrong with your kid?…

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