Social Interaction: It’s Hard

The Low Point

Just when I think I’ve finally got a hold of social milieus, I am reminded that, in fact, I do not. At all. Rather, I am no good at social interactions when it really boils down to it.

Case in point: I kept getting louder and louder while regaling my friends (one of whom has chronic migraines) with a story in which I had a really lousy social interaction with someone,  Double fail.

There have been two distinct points in my life during which I felt pretty confident I had Asperger’s. The doctors all said no, but there’s still this part of me that thinks they’re all wrong or they’re just trying to save me from yet another label, indicating my brain is less functional than it probably should be. Eye contact does make me pretty uncomfortable. Is all I’m saying.

The thing is, interacting with other human beings is a…

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