I’m Autistic. I Need a lot of Grace.

The Clockwork Pastor

grace candlesOne of the things that I have learned since my diagnosis of Aspergers is my willingness to be more forgiving of people’s mistakes.  I’m not always good at that, but I try.  I try because all I have to do is look at my own life and realize that I will make a ton of mistakes and I need grace.

The worklife of someone with Aspergers, is always going to be chaotic.  Looking back at my work history, I can see that a lot of the problems I have, the ones that were summed up with people thinking I’m incompetent or worse is because of how my brain in wired.  No matter how hard I try (and I do try) I will always, always fall short.  This isn’t an excuse for mediocrity; it’s just an admission that I will frustrate others no matter how hard I try.

The social life…

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