Assume, that inside, the child is completely and totally normal.

Help your Special Education Student!

A big problem I have run into when working with students with Autism, is how often people assume that there is really something wrong with the child.

Yes, the child may rock back and forth. Yes, the child may self-stim. Yes, the child may make seemingly random noises or screams.

But consider this; because of technology, some children who present this way have learned to communicate what they are thinking.

The biggest surprise? What they are thinking is complex, exactly appropriate for their age, and NORMAL!

Because of this, when I work with students with Autism, I assume that deep inside that rocking, self-stimulating, echolalia-ing child is a perfectly normal student who would like to be treated that way.

Because of this, when a child with Autism walks into my room, I greet them warmly. I make certain I’m not faking my joy at seeing them. I talk to them…

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