A Lack of "Understanding"

This Side of Typical

Last week, a tragedy occurred.  Alex Spourdalakis was killed by his mother and caretaker.  Alex was autistic.  He was 14 years old.

I wasn’t going to write about it. Others have written about it here and here with much more eloquence and cooler heads than I currently have.  I was going to skirt this one,  having written before about the media and social response to a mother killing her Autistic son. Because it has unfortunately happened more than once. This has happened enough that there are those who advocate for Autistics who really believe we want to harm our children.

But that maelstrom aside, I’ve been reading the comments (I KNOW, I know) on some articles here and there, and with a queasy stomach, I keep seeing the same statements and arguments I saw the last time this happened. 

  • “that poor woman”
  • “end of her rope”
  • “mercy killing”

You see…

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