Dr. Phil, stop the Autism stygma!

Dr. Phil, stop the Autism stygma!

if you caught the “Dr.” Phil show yesterday, they showed a very disturbed young man who was attackin his mom and doing some other disturbing behaviors. Then “Dr.” Phil told the parents that he lacked empathy he was Autistic! Nothing about the boy’s actions showed him to be Autistic. There  was nothing about symtoms. Stimming, lack off social skills, eye contact. Just no empathy! Many people will heed what Pil says because of who he is. When you tell them the truth they don’t listen. We don’t need anyon3e else perpetuation the stygma about Autism. Dr. Phil is probably not even a real doctor. He would have known better. Learn your job Phil. I’m sick of it.
ON the link look for the  video called “A Troubled Young Man.”

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