Feline Friendship

Struggling to Survive


I am a cat person!  I love most animals, and dogs, specifically German Shepherds, hold a close second in my heart, but I am definitely a cat girl through and through!  I have always had various animals in my life but cats have been the constant.  Growing up in rural Wisconsin, our property allowed for a great deal of freedom for various animals, domestic and wild.  At any given time throughout my childhood, you would see a great deal of animals around our home.  There was a constant presence of cats and dogs, many years of chickens and ducks, and random moments of lizards, guinea pigs, hamsters, fish, rabbits and many more that I don’t even remember now.  We seemed to attract wild animals as well, having deer, turkey, raccoons, and opossums make regular appearances in our yard!  Cats seemed particularly fond of our house and we had a great…

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