Lighting It Up Blue Does Not Work- Murder of Autistics.wmv

…What it does is to point out that the traditional kind of “awareness” that paints autism, or other disabilities, in a negative light, has an impact on the people it purports to help. Blue lights and “dire disorder” statistics do nothing to help actual Autistic people. “Lighting it up blue” for autism “awareness” does not work. When Autistics and people with other disabilities are murdered and parents and others jump on the bandwagon to defend them, saying “Have some compassion for the murderer,” when news media play into the “mother was pushed to the edge handling a difficult child with autism,” rhetoric, there’s a serious problem with “awareness.” ACCEPTANCE of autism and Autistic people is needed. Anyone who associates with the “devastating disorder,” “horrible news” and other rhetoric that is being used both to create “awareness” as well as to fundraise for “causes and cures” ought to distance themselves from this questionable practice. Do it for our safety, the safety of the Autistic people you want to help. It is obvious that “lighting it up blue” is backfiring. This video was made by me, a MOTHER, an Autistic mother, who does not have an “easy” life and does not approve of killing your kid when the going gets tough.
I am not able to caption this, but you can access the text at my blog. Quoted from the


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