Alone on the moon.

Alone on the moon.

I feel so lonely and isolated. My Asperger’s makes it so hard to interact with others. I have no friends offline. Maybe one online. The people in my apartment building are from the housing projects. The kind who sell drugs and have come here from out of state. And taken over this city. Everyone else has been pushed out. They move into the projects and then are moved into my building. On perpose. Al others are pushed out. Here in my highrise, apartments are combined and the one to make bigger ones. The tennent who lives there is forced to leave. Tons of racism. I feel so alone. The people in my neighborhood are not the ones your want to associate with. My family is distant and won’t help. I knew some folks on Facebook but can’t access my account. One Facebook “friend” was going to help me log onto that site but didn’t call back. The isolation is causing major depression. The anxiety level is high. Imagine you are all by yourself on the moon. That’s how alone I feel. Tired of facing so many overwhelming cirumstances alone. Don’t know how much more I can take. My dpression gets worse. My problems and living condtions more overwhelming. I said I have no friends offline. No human friends. My kitty Shania is wonderful. And my best friend. But I need human company. Has anyone else felt like that? I don’t need another social worker. I need people to care about me.

Picture was found on the internet.


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