“You’ll Have to Sue Us to Get Services for Your Daughter”

Autism By Hand

Yes, my friends, that title is in quotation marks because it’s what the school system’s director of special education said to me yesterday after my daughter’s fifth IEP meeting this year. They initially cut her services to almost nothing and we fought to get a few more services put back in place. But when I finally said, “What do I have to do to get her parapro reinstated like she’s had all this time?” the answer was that I had to go through a due process attorney. I restated it, asking if she meant that I had to get a lawyer and sue the school system, and she said yes.

This is a school official saying to my face, “We’re not going to do anything that the court doesn’t MAKE us do.” Wow.

I hate that only two years ago I published my first book about my daughter and at…

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