Had something stolen at Rite-aid. Laughed at by clerks.

I was at Rie-aid pharmacy yesterday. Any bags-not purses-inside the stores want you to put at the chekout counter. When I finished in the store I went to get the bag I had brought in it was gone. I asked the cashier about and they wouldn’t help me. People started laughing. I don’t have money to waste on being robbed. I tried to call the non-emergency police-maybe should have dialed 911-but there was no answer. After a drama with the phone not working I finally reached somebody at the police station. After leaving a note for the useless “cop” who does nothing but enjoy the free rent in my building. Anyway, am waiting for an officer to come and talk to me. Can’t leave home till he gets here. Stinks. Hope it doesn’t take days. Has this ever happened to another person on the spectrum? What did you do? if I go into another store here will it happen again?


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