What is my Asperger’s like?

Well, sometimes I feel very isolated. Even though I do like my independence. The social and communication problems are part of the worst. The sensory issues. And being seen as such a third-class-or much worse-citizen are torture. Living in poverty. My insurance will not pay for most medical treatment.  I like being part of a special group of people. called spectrumites. But hate so much attention being put of stuff like blue lights and “awareness. While so many of us need to be cared about!! I’m so sick of feeling like we’re being proccessed! Telling someone about Autism will not change thier hearts.  And that is where the problem lies. Not in their heads. But in their hearts. The stygma bullying and killing will not stop until NT’s hearts change. Does anyone think if a person had told Hitler that Jews were being put into camps it would have stopped him? Enough already! Unable to get to too many places when I don’t drive. I hate my Autism. NT’s atitudes towards the disorder are very hard to live with. The depression and insomnia. I like finally knowing what’s wrong wwith me. And having so much information about it. Not being at the skill level that others my age are. Even Aspies, is rough. The way the system deals with me. Not having anything available here for those with Autism. This is such a cold cold world. Where murder and killing are aplauded and life is considered to be of so little value! Especailly those with disablities. I am watching a movie. A man was aplauded-literally-for killing a woman. How did our world become that way?  I don’t look at life like that.  Killing is not compassion. It’s hard enough to live with my Asperger’s. I don’t need that too.


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