Hard as pulling teeth on a cobra.

How do others on the spectrum discuss your Autism with your families? Mine doesn’t really want to hear it. And my sister said it doesn’t really seem like what I have. contrary to the opinions of two doctors and a therapist. I’ve tried to tell them about it. Loaned them books and sent them links. One sibling knows a little bit about it. But on the whole my relatives seem more distant since I was labled Autistic. I don’t feel comfortable stimming in front of them. Accept one. They won’t read my blogs. strangers know more about my disorder than my family does  and that is not right. I was first given a diagnosis-the wrong one-at age eight. it’s only since the lable Asperger’s came along. What would another person on the spectrum do? I’ve tried and tried. But it’s like pulling teath on a cobra.


2 thoughts on “Hard as pulling teeth on a cobra.

  1. I simply don’t talk to them. I think families like to stay in denial even though I don’t understand why, then again, there are apparantly many things that I don’t understand about people’s behavior.

    I have a much easier time talking to strangers, seeking out those who understand and will want to listen. I wish I had better advice, but I think because I’ve gone for so long undiagnosed that it isn’t that big of a deal for me to NOT talk to them, and they live 600 miles away so there is not everyday contact either.

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