Exploring Aspergers

The psychologist told me, “You don’t seem to have a lack of empathy, but too much!” 

Why do people automatically think that anyone on the spectrum lacks empathy? What exactly is empathy, anyway? Apparently it’s the ability to imagine what it’s like to be in someone else’s shoes (not literally in their shoes, btw, but basically in their position. Imagining wearing other people’s shoes is kind of funny though, as long as they aren’t high heels). Anyway… So how can people tell if someone is lacking in this empathy rather than just being unable to show it? What if this supposed lack is just the people on the spectrum unable to properly show, on the outside, what’s going on on the inside? There have been many, many times I’ve been unable to properly react to certain circumstances… such as when a good friend’s mom died and the friend just fell…

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