Bus Driver Kicks Autistic Girl Off Bus & Breaks Her Ankle

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Came across the is article yesterday! Unbelievable!!

Stephanie WilkersonI’d like to say I can’t believe it happened, but sadly, outrageously we see stories like this too often. This one happened last month in Tampa, Florida, when school bus driver Stephanie Wilkerson, 40, pushed an 8-year-old girl with autism off the bus, fracturing her ankle in the process.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, it happened on the way to school on September 28. When the girl was trying to get off the bus, Wilkerson told her to wait her turn. For some reason this caused the girl to get angry, and she supposedly slapped and pushed the driver. Obviously that’s not acceptable behavior, but anyone who works with special needs children — and any adult really — needs to know that physically retaliating isn’t okay. That’s just what Wilkerson did though.

The paper reports that as the girl stopped on…

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