Ignorance breeds ignorance. Autism Speaks

Aspie Warrior

It is time I go after the elephant in the room.

Autism Speaks.

Everyone one has heard of this organization. They run advertising on TV radio and magazines. Heck I even saw their big display of blue light bulbs in Home Depot.

So if they are such a great big organization doesn’t that make them great? In a word; NO.

Most people who give to Autism Speaks have no idea how offensive and demeaning this organization is to Autistic people.

I do not know a single person on the Autism Spectrum who supports Autism Speaks. I don’t even know a single person on the spectrum who doesn’t hate Autism Speaks. Why? Several reasons:

Autism Speaks does not advocate for Autistic people. Rather they demonize us. They paint us as sick outsiders who need to be cured. They label us as not normal. They openly promote aborting babies who…

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