Autistic people should…by Light It Up BOO ·

Autistic people should stim. Neurotypical people should stim. Stimming is natural. *cracks knuckles*

Last night I dreamed about attending an Autism Speaks protest. Their supporters had blue balloons and we had red balloons. I told people to wear orange to oppose all the blue. I remember being with a large group of people and having to explain to them that awareness isn’t always good.

Autistic people should be creative. Unusual minds beget creativity and originality.

Autistic people should NOT be cured. We should fight against the idea that a cure is necessary.

Autistic people should use whatever language they want to describe themselves. Autistic, Aspie, person with autism, etc. Sometimes I call myself autistic, and sometimes I call myself someone with Asperger’s. Sometimes I use the term Aspie. Neurotypical people should not dictate our language choices for us. Many of us want to be called autistic people, so I default to that out of respect for our community members who have said that they want to be called autistic.

Neurotypical people should not mourn for us.

Autistic people should embrace their special interests.

Neurotypical people should respect our methods of communicating, whether we speak, type, use sign language or PECS, etc.

Neurotypical people should realize that we don’t just stop being autistic just because we can “pass” for one of you.

Neurotypical people should not assume that autism only affects boys, or children in general.

Autistic people should fight injustice. Our lives are just as worthy as yours.

Originally posted on Facebook.


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