The Autistic’s Holocaust.

The Autistic’s Holocaust.

This is a film about how propaganda was used to kill autistic people. 
There is similar propaganda used today, except it is used to frighten
and scare people about an autism “epidemic”.  Such propaganda causes
stigmitization of autistics, the same way it did for autistics 70 years
ago.  However, today, there are no gas chambers or execution squads. 
Today, “our” repulsion of the disabled is manifested by organizations
with the intention to help the “repulsive” to become less repulsive. 
Would it be better to change the public. Did you know that the Nazi’s
came after autistic people as well as other disabled people before the
Jews?  Did you know that the gas chambers at Auschwitz were perfected
first on the disabled?  Did you know that the disabled population in
Germany was nearly wiped out?  Why doesn’t the public know this history?
Every year that the holocaust is remembered, remember those that were
the first to suffer from genocide.  First they came for us, then they
came for the Jews.  How we treat disabled people is but a harbinger of
how others will be treated. Quoted from the link.


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