Enough with Awareness. How About Autism compassion?

This Side of Typical

Yeah.  It’s April.

I tend to struggle around this month now.  When I was a noob–that is a parent of a newly diagnosed kid–I was all “Yeah, Autism AWARENESS!  Blue stuff!  Fuck yeah!”  But now, not so much.

This stems from a lot of things.  Primarily, it’s because I’m not a fan of Autism Speaks or it’s model of celebrity talky talky/money raising.  There are those who say they do a lot of good work–and for those people, I am glad they have something that gives them some inspiration and hope. I see a “charity” that seems to pay celebrities a great deal to raise awareness and funds,  and hold “walks” only to raise more awareness and funds. 

But that isn’t what my child needs.

This last weekend we went to the park.  Where my child was having fun, but also feeding some sensory issues.  (read: throwing sand)  My Old…

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