Autism safety ideas.

After reading a blog entry about a young woman who had someone try to break into her apartment, she mentioned Sending an IM to a friend. Because she was frightened about using the phone. She mentioned that there needss to be an IM that people on the spectrum could use to call for help in an emergency. What if she had been nonverbal? Also, I came up with an idea for a 1-800 number that family members and others who look after someone on the spectrum could call. And speak with a parent of an Autistic person who knows what they are going through before a murder or abuse is commited? one more thing. Those devices that elderly people wear around there necks. Witha button on it they can push and summon assistence in case of a fall. What if severely Autistic people had those. And could push it if being abused or an attempt was made on their lives?


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