Facing Sunshine

I can’t refrain from blogging today. A story broke that an O’Fallon, Mo., couple has kept a 6-year-old child in a cage in their basement. This child is reported to have autism. This is horrendous. These parents should not be parents. I want to throw up.

But, as a journalist, what’s interesting to me about this is how the local media is spinning this story. To them, this is a story about autism. (I disagree. This is a story about bad parents.) Here’s how the headlines have shook out.

Victoria and Terry Smith charged with keeping autistic child in cage (KSDK)

Couple charged with keeping autistic son in cage in O’Fallon, Mo., basement (STLToday.com … you can count on them to show you the cage as well!)

O’Fallon parents charged with locking 6-year-old autistic child in cage (KMOV)

Autistic Child Found Living In A Cage In O’Fallon, MO (Fox 2 KTVI…

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