have jobs.

have jobs that are accessible to them so that they can also have lives.

be the writers and lead characters of your favorite tv shows. No apology. No doubt. Explicitly spell out the diagnosis and leave no room for ‘no, because autistic people…’

have the services they need academically.  Always.

have access to other services they need. Always.

Autistic people should be who you listen to before you listen to parents of autistic people.

Autistic people should never think they are bad because of their neurology.

Autistic people should get married.

Autistic people should exist in the safety net our society provides, because the unemployment rate and rates of poverty and homelessness for autistic people is inexcusable.

Autistic people should be heard regarding ABA therapy and places like the Judge Rotenberg Center.

Autistic people should know that they are not a curse or God’s judgment upon their family…

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