Being erased.

Being erased.

Have you noticed it’s called Autism speaks and not Autistic people speak? Here some  quotes from the link. “Nothing causes me to be angry more than injustice.” “This can take many forms, and I do my best to fight against it as I am able.”

“This time, it’s personal. This time, Autism Speaks is attempting to erase us from our own story.” “Of course, this is nothing new for Autism Speaks, because admitting that autistic people can effect change is completely against everything they try to do.”

“If Autism Speaks admits that autistic people can do things, you know, not just those “high functioning Aspies”, well that would just destroy the message of tragedy they’re trying to send.”


4 thoughts on “Being erased.

  1. We simply cannot let this issue go. Autism Speaks (catchy, huh?) seems to think that allowing us to speak for ourselves is like giving the keys to the inmates at the asylum. This simply cannot stand. They treat Autism, which we live with every day of our lives, as the new “flavor of the month” a cause well worth exploiting.

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