Day of mourning 2013: Virtual vigil.

“Far too often, when a disabled person is murdered by a caregiver, journalists write as though it is the disabled victim who has perpetrated a crime simply by existing”. “In discussing the killing, people say that we should feel sorry for the murderer, because they had to live with a disabled relative.” “When a disabled person is murdered, many people act as though the murder victim’s life, not their death, was a tragedy.”

“This vigil is (was) a part of a nationwide effort organized by Autistic Self-Advocacy Network, N…ot Dead Yet, and the National Council on Independent Living to remember people with disabilities who have lost their lives at the hands of their family members or caregivers.” “On March 1, please join us to remember those we have lost, and remind the world that their lives had value”.

“This is (was) a virtual vigil. We encourage you to prioritize attending a vigil in person, as it has a different sort of impact.” “You are free to join from there using a mobile device.” “The list of vigil locations:

“If for whatever reason your nearest vigil isn’t an accessible option for you, you are the reason this virtual vigil exists.” “We recognize that people aren’t always able to leave their house or to travel to events for a variety of reasons.” “These folks are no less a part of our communities, and deserve to be included in community events.”

“A link was provided on the day of the vigil to a page where you will be able to view and participate.”

From Facebook. I wish I had known about this event in time to join in.

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