The unborn child and the right to life. (Including the disabled child’s life.)

The unborn child and the right to life. (Including the disabled child’s life.)

Disability and eugenics

Abortion and disability

All abortion involves an assumption that the lives of unborn children are of less value than other human lives, and are therefore expendable. Abortion of the disabled is not only an attack on the most vulnerable and most in need of protection, but it is also an affront to all members of the community who are disabled. It sends them the message that they are inferior to, and of less value than, the able-bodied.

Infanticide and euthanasia

Legalised abortion has led to increasing contempt for newborn babies who are disabled. Some doctors in Britain have admitted killing disabled babies by methods including sedating and starving them to death; this is still against the law. In some countries, including Britain, courts have approved the starvation of brain-damaged adult patients. The same attitude to human life is apparent in eugenic abortion, infanticide and the pressure to decriminalise euthanasia.

These ar quotes from the link.

Quotes are from the link.


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